City plaza condos for sale at $1.8 million in Seattle

This condo is just the beginning.

There’s more condos and condominium buildings under construction in Seattle, and developers are selling them all.

In fact, one of the condos being sold in Seattle is for $1,722,500.

The listing on, which has a listing fee of $99 per listing, says it’s one of only five such condos in the Seattle area.

The condo is currently for sale for $2,500,000.

It is located at 1023 14th Ave.

SW, Seattle, WA 98109.

The listed price includes: $1 million in property taxes and taxes on the home; $300,000 in closing costs, including legal fees; $250,000 for a mortgage, and $200,000 cash.

The property is being sold at the city’s market rate, meaning that the sale price is subject to change.

The city offers a discount on the listed price of $2 million.

The seller is an anonymous buyer.

It was listed on November 19, 2017 for $3,000,000 and is currently listed for $4,000 to $5,000 million.

There are other condo developments under construction, including one planned for 2018.

This condo in Seattle’s Westlake neighborhood is being marketed as a $2.2 million project, and is scheduled to open in 2019.

The building is being offered at $2M to $2 billion.

The condominium is located in the Westlake Park neighborhood and is for sale to buyers in Seattle and across the state.

It will be the first of its kind condominium project in Seattle.

It’s being sold to buyers by a local developer and is listed for sale by

The project includes a rooftop garden and outdoor terrace with a gym, fitness center, restaurant, lounge, and a parking garage.

It has been estimated to cost $1 billion to build.

The price includes $1 for each square foot of the building, $1 per square foot for every square foot that it’s built, and all the surrounding land.

The sale price includes the closing costs.

This building is a condominium and has been listed on the REALTore website for $500,001 to $1M.

The home is currently under construction.

The buyer is anonymous and the seller is listed as a real estate agent.

It recently sold for $700,000 on November 13, 2017.

The new condominium building in Seattle The current condominium complex at 2025 12th Ave NW has been the subject of speculation for more than a year.

Developers have been looking to move into this development, which is on the site of a former commercial building that once housed a department store.

The developer is looking to buy a condo at $750,000 or more.

It currently has a market value of $1-1.5 million.

That number has since dropped to $700.

The current condo complex is on land that is being developed by a group called BIA Architects, which owns the former Caffe-A-Palazzo department store, according to a statement from the Seattle City Council.

The developers have not yet announced a location for the new condoport.

A developer is also looking to build a new condontory at 20th Avenue NW, which was once the home of a department stores.

The former site was used as the site for the Caffe a Panna restaurant and is a major shopping and entertainment destination for Seattle and the surrounding area.

A statement from BIA said it is still working on the details of the project.

BIA’s statement said the company is working with the City of Seattle to bring the project to life.

The complex will include a 7,400-square-foot gymnasium, a fitness center and a rooftop deck.

The units will be connected by an elevator to the second floor of the new complex.

There will also be an indoor water park with a pool, heated outdoor pools, outdoor patios and a bar.

It also includes a large courtyard with views of the Capitol Building and the waterfront.

The development was slated to open late last year, but has been delayed several times, according a statement on the Seattle developer’s website.

The site is in the heart of the West Lake Park neighborhood, and the city has been working with a local nonprofit group to redevelop the site.

The group, BIA Seattle, announced the new development on December 14, 2017, saying that the project is on track to open by the end of 2021.

The statement says the developers are still negotiating with the city over the development’s future.

The Condos, Condos and Condos: A Guide to Seattle’s Condos & Condos in the U.S. The Seattle condo market is booming, but you might want to watch out for the price tags.

The real estate market has been in an uproar lately.

With a lot of new condo construction going on, the condo market has seen a