How to avoid a costly condo-house fire

Residents of a Sunset condominium in Toronto’s west are being urged to get rid of the roof, which could cause a fire.

The blaze was sparked by a malfunctioning heat-extension device, which is supposed to keep the condominium at a safe temperature.

(CBC News)Residents of Sunset condopresidence in Toronto say they’ve been told the thermostat was not working properly and that a “mistake” could cause the fire.

Residents were notified Wednesday evening that the therampo, which was supposed to be working, was malfunctioning.

That prompted the Toronto Fire Department to notify the condo owners, who were informed the thermpo had been replaced.

“The unit is now completely shut down,” said Jennifer Mardini, who owns the Sunset condo and is a volunteer firefighter with the TFC.

“It’s still completely safe and we have been in contact with the owner to let them know that we are in touch with the Fire Department and that we’re taking steps to address this issue.”

Mardini said it is unknown if the thermocouple will be able to return to the condo, which has been converted into a community centre.

The condo is a popular destination for residents, who have said it has been a favorite place to visit in the winter and summer months.

A spokesperson for the TFB said the TFF is investigating the cause of the fire, which happened Tuesday night.

“The TFC is aware of a fire that has been reported in a Sunset Condominium in Vaughan,” the spokesperson said in an email.

“We are investigating this incident and have launched a full investigation.”

The condominium building is owned by a developer and is being used as a community space.

The TFF said it will be conducting an internal investigation into the cause and is “looking into the possibility that this fire could have been started by a fire-starting device.”

Mardinis said she has already contacted the owner of the condo, and is planning to do the same with her neighbours.

“It’s very frustrating because it’s a very popular place, very popular with residents,” she said.

“They were coming back to it a lot and they had lots of fun.”

The condo owners are currently paying a $15,000 bill to replace the thermo, but they are hoping to get it repaired.

The condo was converted into an industrial space.

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