Newport Condominiums Are About to Get a $500 Million Makeover

The owners of Newport, a condo complex in the South Bay, are making big changes to the complex.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Newport Condos board is scheduled to vote this week on a plan to make $500 million in upgrades to the building, including the replacement of the parking lot with a new parking garage.

The project will cost $50 million, and the developer is expected to be ready for construction by March 2019.

The new garage will feature a walk-up and a large entrance, which will open onto a public plaza and walkway.

The building’s former parking lot will also be removed, and new landscaping will be added, as well as new balconies and new public bathrooms.

The developer is also planning to turn the space into a hotel, which could be a big win for residents of Newport.

In the end, the plan will have little impact on the neighborhood, but the changes are being met with some skepticism.

Some residents have voiced concerns that the new garage would make the area more dangerous, and they also say that the project could put too much pressure on a public park.

“This is just another step in an ongoing gentrification that is coming to Newport,” Newport resident Alex Graziano told the Chronicle.

“The people here don’t want to be in a bad situation anymore, but they don’t know what to do about it.

And this isn’t the first time that Newport has been pushed around.”

Newport is not the first complex in California to receive a major renovation.

In 2015, a new $3.2 million project was completed to add a new pool and clubhouse to the same complex.

In 2018, the developers of a $1.8 million condo project on the edge of Newport agreed to upgrade the building to a $2.4 million project.

In addition to Newport, the South Coast is home to a slew of condo projects, including a $5.9 million renovation of the iconic Newport Hotel, a $3 million condo renovation in downtown San Francisco, and a $6.3 million apartment project on a parcel near the Pacific Ocean.

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