How to buy a Jerusalem condo without a broker

An Israeli man has started a blog that lets people find out how to buy Jerusalem condo apartments without a brokerage.

A week ago, a local real estate broker called to inform that a new owner of a new Jerusalem condominium had sold it to a foreigner who had been living there for less than a year.

According to the post on the blog, the buyer, who goes by the name “Hava,” bought the condo for about US$100,000.

The buyer was then able to purchase another condo with his name and address, which are now being registered at the Jerusalem Real Estate Board, which has a listing of the new condo.

According for a post on this website, the seller is “Havana” who is from Turkey.

The post says that the buyer’s wife had recently returned to the country from Turkey and he has a daughter who is now studying in Turkey.

According the post, the condo was located on a hilltop in the Jerusalem suburb of Sefer Etzion and the building was built in 1874.

The seller has told the Post that he had no idea of the buyer and had no connections to the building’s owner.

However, the Post reported that the broker told the buyer that he did not have any conflicts of interest because he was working for the local government and that the condo owner had no financial interest in the building.

The Post said the broker, who is currently under investigation for his role in the sale, was unavailable for comment.

The first condominium to open in Australia’s first city

A new condominium is expected to open to the public in Sydney’s CBD on Wednesday, but first, the city has to pass a strict code of conduct before the units can be sold.

Key points:Auckland’s first condottier to open the first units in its city is expected in the first quarter of next yearThe code of practice will require all condominium sales to be conducted in an open houseThe code will also include the use of an electronic recording systemThe city council’s code of ethics and housing co-ordinator has also been consulted on the draft code of practicability.

Auckland city council chairman Rob Jones said the first unit would open in the city’s CBD by the first of next month.

The code was passed by the city council at its next meeting on Wednesday.

“It was a process we took quite seriously and we looked at a lot of different aspects to make sure that this code of behaviour is in place,” Mr Jones said.

“That means that when the units are sold, they are being sold as fully licensed condominium, that the unit will be fully managed, that they will be in a fully accessible building and the use will be to ensure that they have the best amenity and amenity standard that they can.”

Those things are going to be the criteria that will be applied.

“He said the council would not have any concerns about the code as long as the owners complied with it.”

We’re just going to have to wait and see what happens with that,” he said.

A council spokesman said the code would be a guideline to be followed and there would be an electronic booking system, and there was a commitment to a standard of living that would ensure people had access to a good standard of care.”

The council will consult with the industry on the implementation of this code,” he told the ABC.”

As a matter of fact, we’ve made it clear that we’re going to work closely with industry in terms of their response to this code.

“There will be a very high bar to get the units licensed.”

The code has been drawn up by a code compliance specialist, and the council has asked the state government to provide funding to help pay for the project.

The first units will be sold for $5 million and will be open to people of all ages and incomes, Mr Jones told the media.

The council has also set up a $250,000 fund for the first three months, with a further $100,000 being available for additional units.

It’s been a long time coming for the city to have its first condotiable apartment, with the first two units in Auckland’s CBD opening in February and October.

The council’s new code of ethical conduct requires all condo sales to conduct an open meeting and a social media event on Tuesday and Wednesday, where residents can sign a petition to lobby the council to adopt the code.

The building’s first unit was built in 2015 for $8.8 million and opened in June that year, but it has been on the market since July.

It is the first in a series of new buildings to open for the general public.

In February, the City of Sydney also launched its first condo unit.

“We’ve been very clear that it’s not going to happen overnight, but I’m really hopeful that the council will come back to us with the right criteria and then we’ll take the next step,” Mr Smith said.

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