How to save $4,000 on a condo deal at the Beach City

A $4 million beach condo at the Oceanfront Resort and Casino in the Bahamas has some residents wondering if the real estate mogul is making the right move.

The new Oceanfront condo was supposed to be located on the same property as the $3.7 billion Beach City Resort, which opened last month.

But when the Oceanside resort opened last week, a developer made a big deal of not having a pool, gym or swimming pool, and instead added a gym, spa and private beachfront with a pool and spa.

And there is one problem.

According to the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Oceanview Beach condo is not allowed in the resort’s pools.

And the Bahamas government is not happy about it.

The Bahamas Ministry has asked the developer to stop the construction of the new Oceanview beach condo, according to a statement on the Bahamas Tourism Department website.

The Ministry is asking for all owners of Oceanview condos in the Caribbean to notify the Ministry of the construction site, as well as any other property owners in the vicinity of the Ocean View Beach condo to notify them of the project and any issues associated with the project.

The statement said the Ministry is also asking that the Ocean view beach condo be moved to another site in the area to avoid any confusion.

We encourage all beachside residents to make contact with their local Government, the Ministry, the Bahamas Government, and any local authorities as soon as possible.

The Ministry will work with the local authorities and the developer, and we will work closely with them to ensure that the construction and development of the Beach View condo does not negatively impact our residents.

The developer of the $4.8 million Oceanview condo has said he is looking to find a site that would allow the beach condo to be built, according the Bahamas News Agency.

The Beach City resort, which is owned by the same developer, was supposed be built in the same location as the Ocean City resort.

Condominium owners say ‘we were all victims’ of a ‘nightmare’

The condo owners and their lawyer, Michael Ruppert, said in a statement Tuesday that they were “heartbroken” by the death of their co-owner and they are working with the police and local authorities to identify a suspect.

Ruppet said the condo association had been cooperating with police, but added that he would not provide details on the alleged incident.

He also said the owners were still working to find a new owner for the condo.

The condo association issued a statement saying that they had been in contact with authorities.

“As soon as we learned of the tragic incident involving the condominiums, we immediately initiated the appropriate response, including the hiring of a private investigator,” the statement said.

The statement said that the condo owners, who are all in their 60s, were in a condo together when the incident occurred, and were planning to move into the condo after moving into a different apartment.

The incident occurred Tuesday morning in the 600 block of North Avenue.

A neighbor told ABC News that he heard the victims yelling and then seeing someone run from the building.

Police have not released details on what led up to the shooting.

The city’s Bureau of Building and Safety said in an earlier statement that the incident was under investigation.

It said it was not known if anyone else was involved in the incident.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.