How to get a house in Las Vegas

The condominium boom has come and gone in Las Veradores.

The only condominium remaining is a one-bedroom unit in a strip mall.

It’s also worth about $1m and up in the city.

But you’ll need to put your money where your mouth is to get into the market.

You need to be a real estate agent.

There are a lot of people who just want to make money for themselves.

I think a lot will come from that.

You need to have a great website.

You have to have real estate agents who can really be a conduit for you.

If you have the right website, I think people will be willing to pay a lot more money.

But if you’re not, then they won’t want to pay.

I have never seen anyone who is paying as much money as I am.

There is so much demand for housing in Las Vegans, that if you don’t have it, you can’t have a house.

The most expensive house I’ve seen in Las Vegas is in the shopping centre.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a house if you can get one for under $400,000.

It’s going to take a lot to break the bubble.

You’ve got to have an element of luck, if you have one.

I’ve had people come to me, who are in real estate, and say, ‘I just want a house.’

If you’re lucky, it might not happen.

But it’s going a long way.

It takes a lot.

But you need to take some of the credit, because people don’t realise how lucky they are to be in this town.

There’s a big shortage of housing.

We’ve got more than 2,000 vacancies, and that’s the biggest in the world.

So I’m not going to complain, because I’m doing what I can.

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