The Cordillera Condominiums, the Cordilleras’ Biggest Hit of 2018

The Cordellas’ newest condo is called the Cordellans’ Big Bad. 

It’s a six-bedroom, four-bathroom condo that has a swimming pool and a backyard pool, as well as a clubhouse. 

The condo is part of the Cordova Condominium Development Corp., a $1.3 billion redevelopment project for the Cordovan community of Cordova, which sits just east of downtown Santa Barbara. 

Cordova, with a population of about 3,600, was built in the 1940s and 1960s as a housing and industrial hub. 

In the 1970s, it became a resort town, which meant the city’s residents had access to the sea and ocean. 

Today, the city has fewer than 30,000 residents. 

According to the Cordovans’ website, the condo is set to be completed by mid-2018. 

But that doesn’t mean Cordova is without its problems. 

Last year, the Santa Barbara County Health Department reported that the condo was at risk of becoming unsafe because of the lack of plumbing. 

This fall, the county announced that the condos health inspection had been completed and was not enough to address the condo’s health problems.

The county also said the health inspection didn’t address the safety of the condo due to a lack of proper construction and/or design. 

 According in the health report, the condos interior was not well-maintained, the pool was not sanitary, and the clubhouse had a small leak. 

As a result, the health department recommended that the city remove the condo. 

A county spokesman told Newsweek that Cordova’s health department has been monitoring the condo and that they are currently assessing the condo, which is slated to be ready for occupancy in early 2019. 

On March 14, the Condominium Authority of Santa Barbara issued a statement saying the health certificate was not sufficient to determine if the condo complies with city regulations. 

“The condominium has been inspected and approved for occupancy by the Santa Maria Health Department, and health inspections have been conducted and the condominium meets the requirements of the city,” the Condorta authority said in the statement.

“However, the current inspection and review is not sufficient and there are ongoing concerns regarding the condition of the building.” 

In a statement to Newsweek, the local health department also said that they have contacted the Cordavans’ health department to ask for a safety inspection. 

They are waiting to hear back from the county. 

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