The most dangerous apartment complexes in the United States

With just six days until the start of the new school year, a new study finds that the most dangerous apartments in the U.S. are located in suburban areas with a high percentage of students from low-income families.

The study, by the American Institute of Architects, found that the “densely populated areas” in the South, Northeast and West are the areas with the most complex housing conditions, with most of the high-rise complexes in those areas containing at least one “high-risk unit.”

In many cases, the highrise buildings are “particularly problematic for students from families with low levels of education and students with disabilities,” according to the study.

It also found that most of these high-rises are located within a 10-minute drive of schools, and that they often have large parking lots that are easy to access and easy to drive into.

Here’s a look at the top ten most dangerous high-end apartment complexes across the country: 1.

The Waldorf Astoria, New York City The Waldo Astoria apartments in New York’s Waldorf neighborhood have a high concentration of students with special needs, including special needs children with autism and students who are severely physically handicapped.

A resident with autism who lives in the Waldo told the New York Times that the building “is a huge, horrible thing” and that it “takes me months to walk to school and back.”

Another resident, who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue, said she found it “difficult to walk past the building.”

In the middle of the Waldorf’s “exemplary” residential area is a large parking lot, and the Astoria is located in a part of the neighborhood that is notoriously difficult to walk through.


The Galleria Condominiums in Palm Beach, Florida The Gallia Condominium complex is a residential neighborhood in Palm Bay, Florida.

It has an average of 622 students, according to a report from the Palm Beach Post.

But a survey conducted by the Palm Bay Independent School District found that in the year prior to the new year, the median household income of residents in the area was $41,890.

Many of the apartments are “in poor condition,” according a report by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

A few have been “forcibly demolished,” while others were “designed to be demolished,” according the report.


The Wyndham Towers in New Orleans, Louisiana Wyndam Towers is the home of the New Orleans Pelicans.

The complex has an median household incomes of $72,000, according the New Yorker.

The housing conditions are “one of the most deplorable in New England,” according CNN.

The apartments “have a high rate of fires,” and many residents “have lived in their homes for decades.”

The Wyntons “most problematic apartment complex” is located “on the Lower Ninth Ward,” according To The News.


The Montauk Tower in Manhattan, New Jersey The Montauer Tower in New Jersey is located at 1,700 feet above sea level in the borough of Montauks, which has an overall median household annual income of $71,400.

But according to The New York Daily News, the building is “in danger of being destroyed in the next two years because of its deteriorating condition.”

“Its a very dangerous building,” a resident told the Daily News.

The buildings main purpose is “to hold up the entire New York skyline,” according New York Magazine.


The Westin Grand Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia Westin is a luxury hotel with multiple floors.

The hotel has been criticized for housing high-income residents with disabilities and students from “diverse” families.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the complex “has been in the news for decades” and “was built with the help of taxpayers” and was “designed as a luxurious, upscale hotel with the grandest views of Atlanta.”

But a new report by a coalition of advocacy groups found that “the average income of Westin’s residential units is more than $300,000 a year higher than the average income for the median-income households.”

A spokesperson for the hotel told CNN that they do “not tolerate discrimination and we strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all our guests.”


The Grand Hyatts Downtown Hotel in New Haven, Connecticut The Grand Hotel in Connecticut has an occupancy rate of 28 percent.

In the years following its renovation in 2005, the Grand Hotel has been condemned more than a dozen times for failing to comply with building codes, and it was recently condemned by the Connecticut Coastal Commission.

The city of New Haven has called the Grand Hyttles “the city’s most blighted property,” and it has a “substantial” problem with “large-scale violations of the building code.”


The One Center Plaza in Brooklyn, New New York One Center is located on the top floor of a luxury condominium building on the Upper

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