Which condos are the best for rent in Edgewater Beach?

The condo market is in a slump right now, and some of the hottest listings are located in the suburbs.

Here are five condos that are currently selling for the best prices in the city.


The Grove Condominiums at the Grove (1,500 sq. ft.)

The Grove is located in a prime location near the Edgewater beach.

This is the perfect condo for someone looking to enjoy a quiet summer evening or a nice quiet weekend.

The condo features an open floor plan with lots of windows and large terraces.

It also has large balconies overlooking the beach.


The Park At The Grove (2,500sq.

ft. ) This condo is perfect for people looking for a relaxing spot with a pool.

It has three large terrace pools and a large kitchen.

It features an active fitness center and is right next to the pool.


The Rosewood Apartments at the Rosewood (3,000 sq. m.)

This condo in Edgartown is located right next door to the Grove.

The units feature a large living area with a kitchen, dining room, laundry room and a balcony.


The Woodbridge Apartments (4,000sq.


) The Woodbridges are a small condo in the Edgartons heart.

It is located just a short walk from the Grove and offers a nice setting for a nice summer evening.


The Lakewood Apartment (5,000 SQ.m.)

This is a great condo with a large backyard and large windows.

It offers a comfortable living area and plenty of space for relaxing.

Get ready for a great summer night out!

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